Knowing how to reach the lost in your city can be hard.

Doing so with a community is much easier.

We are in the early stages of developing an Engage Your City platform
for training and modeled evangelism outreach where churches and individuals
can come together to reach their communities with the Gospel.

Resources and Training

By joining an E360 community, you will gain access to the evangelism training and tools needed to become an effective ambassador for Christ.

Each community will include a growing list of resources including quick reference guides, eBooks, videos, and live training (both in person and online).

Collaborative Community

This is a place for collaboration between Gospel centered Christians working together to bring the light of the Gospel to your city.

Each community will have a forum for discussion and coordinating outreach, meet-ups, or working on joint events between churches.

Modeled Outreach

You may want to have spiritual conversations but do not know how to start or guide a conversation.

Each community will organize regular outreach so those who are more experienced can model effective strategies and teach others.

A Different Approach to Evangelism


I used to be afraid to try and share my faith with others.  Once I went out with the E360 team, I realized that it was just a matter of having a conversation.  I have learned how to answer or where to find answers to the questions people ask and now have the confidence to treat each day like a mission!

- E360 Trainee

To find out more about joining or starting an engage your city community movement fill out the form below.

Reach Us

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