Engage Your World

A fun, approachable, interactive, and practical
 small group curriculum designed to help you share your faith in everyday life.

Let’s face it, sharing your faith
can be scary and hard!


But you can overcome those challenges!

Our 6-week small group curriculum will help you gain confidence and skills to share your faith in everyday life.

Meet Reese Zerve, a unique character created for the Engage Your World curriculum to represent Christian introverts who want to share their faith but need practical ways to get started.

S.K. Eptic, another of our six unique characters, represents the skeptical atheist type and will sharpen your ability to respond with a variety of challenging questions.


From age 18 to 88, Engage Your World

will help you and your group to:

  • Gain a healthy perspective on successful personal evangelism
  • Gain clarity on the essentials of the Gospel message
  • Learn evangelism principles used in the New Testament
  • Learn how to apply those biblical principles in everyday conversations
  • Overcome the fear of being asked challenging questions

“My bookshelf is full of solid resources for both kids and adults in basic theology, apologetics, and having spiritual conversations. Essentially, I have everything I can get my hands on! However, THIS book fits a niche that’s lacking in my collection! Engage Your World is a resource that will be very easily processed, and I can see how practically we can “put-it-in-use”!!”


Deltona, FL

In the interactive PDF below you will find the
table of contents and intro to Engage Your World

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