Evangelism Excitement in Maine!

We certainly had a lot of “evangelism excitement” up in Maine! In this episode, Ibrahim interviews Travis Pelletier about our recent Engage U Event.

Pulling off a successful evangelism event requires a lot of coordination. For our recent Engage U event in Maine, Travis Pelletier, missionary apologist with Ratio Christi, did a great job at coordinating students and churches to come and participate in an amazing time of evangelism.

This is what Travis had to say about the event:

I’m trying to gather my thoughts. I am blown away by the success of the past week of outreach.

  • We had hundreds of conversations, many of which lasted over an hour, and some over two hours.
  • Of the 46 long discussions, seven people came to a place of repentance and faith.
  • Yes, that’s right, seven people followed Christ.

I’ve been involved in evangelism quite a while, but I’ve never had that much response in three days. The Holy Spirit was definitely working. And in many of the other long conversations, there was a visible softening in the hearts of those being engaged with scriptural truth. After the three full days of evangelism, we had an open Q&A event in which almost 30 students (mostly non-believers) came to ask about the questions and difficulties they had with Christianity.


Immediately following the event, a Christian student contacted me to say that he had been struggling with doubts about Christianity and that the event not only answered his struggles, it answered several tough questions he hadn’t thought of yet!


Another goal for the event was to have local believers be more engaged in sharing their faith. We worked with the organization “Engage360” to train believers from the surrounding churches and to get them signed on to the event. The training and modeling were both very effective. And we had over 15 believers from the local community come to help. We had enough that quite frequently we would have six or seven serious gospel conversations happening at the same time.


This event just reemphasized for me the need for both apologetics and evangelism training.

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