Evangelism in Acts 5: The Apostles Before the Sanhedrin

Evangelism in Acts 5 is the fourth episode in our series looking at the evangelistic encounters found in the Book of Acts. In this episode, we will see how again appearing before the Sanhedrin for healing and preaching the Gospel of Christ. Again, they use this opportunity to preach the Gospel again before the Jewish Council. Gamaliel shares his wisdom that if this movement is not of God then it will die out and if it is of God then it won’t be stopped.

In looking at Evangelism in Acts 5, we will apply the same G.O.S.P.E.L framework (see below for more detail) we applied in previous episodes. This framework was drawn directly from an analysis of scripture and presents a summarized biblical approach to evangelism. We believe this is a faithful summary of the approach used in the New Testament and that we can apply the same approach in our lives today. Though the order and repetition may vary slightly, the overall approach is very consistent with evangelism throughout the Book of Acts. When we developed our training approach for Engage 360, we did not focus on what verses can be used to explain the Gospel. Instead, we looked to the Bible and asked the question, “What did they actually do?” Below is the summary of their approach.

  • G: Gauge your audience
  • O: Offer common ground
  • S: Shift to Christianity and the Gospel
  • P: Provide evidence
  • E: Explain the Gospel
  • L: Leave with a clear next step

After listening to our podcast on Evangelism in Acts 5, if you would be interested in our team coming to your church or group to provide more training on biblical evangelism and how to apply it today, please fill out our contact form.

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