Reaching Elkin Valley

Practical Evangelism Training, July 31 2021

Learn how to share your faith in everyday life!

Join us July 31st at Elkin Valley Baptist Church (118 N Elkin Dr, Elkin, NC 28621) from 9:30am-4pm for a fun, interactive training open to anyone in the north-central NC area. This course will help you:

  • Better understand the core elements of the Gospel.
  • Know how to have spiritual conversations in everyday life.
  • Know how to effectively share your faith in those conversations.
  • Apply the principles through interactive scenarios.

To register fill out the form below. Cost is $25 per person which includes training materials and lunch.

This is exactly what our church needs! We have done other programs in our church, and while they were good, the key is to actually get people to have confidence to move outside their comfort zones and have spiritual conversations.

I love what Engage 360 is doing as it seeks to partner with and help local churches accomplish God’s mission to make disciples.

Pastor Sam McKeen

Barnstead Christian Church

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