Reaching New Hampshire

Practical Evangelism Training, April 22nd, Camp Maranatha, New Hampshire

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It can often be difficult and intimidating to engage people in spiritual conversations. But it doesn’t have to be. This training will give you practical tools and confidence in having spiritual conversations in everyday life.

The Engage Your World training touches on Biblical topics such as:

  • What is the Gospel?
  • What is Faith?
  • What does Biblical Evangelism look like?
  • A Biblical View of God
  • Understanding Other Worldviews

Dealing with common objections such as:

  • How can we trust the Bible?
  • Who is the real Jesus?
  • If God is good why is there so much evil?
  • Do we have to choose between science and faith?
  • Role playing sessions or open Q&A

Start time: 9:00 am
End time: 3:00 pm

Cost: $30/person
Lunch is provided

Matt Schmidt, Engage 360 CEO

About the speaker:

Matt is the CEO and a founder of Engage 360 Ministries. Matt was raised in Nebraska where he also did undergraduate studies. After a three-year process of wrestling through questions dealing with the existence of God, trustworthiness of the Bible, and what Christianity taught; he came to faith in Christ. This process has given him a passion to help others know their faith and to share their faith effectively.

Matt and his wife Erica decided to move to Charlotte, NC to pursue a Masters in Philosophy at Southern Evangelical Seminary, which he completed in the Spring of 2018. Matt and Erica have 5 children. Erica is a trained educator, and they are homeschooling their children using a classical education model.

Matt was drawn to the need for Christians to be able to both share and defend their faith. However, he became convicted that the fruit from efforts of very talented men and women dedicated to speaking, teaching, writing, and creating materials to help Christians share and defend the faith has not measured up to the quality of their gifts and what they have produced.

After serving with Ratio Christi (a campus ministry) for seven years at a private university in Charlotte and as a leader on the Ratio Christi National team, Matt teamed up with others to create Engage 360 (E360 for short). The E360 team seeks to help bridge the gap between everyday Christians and those in the communities around them. Matt has a passion to create a team that can faithfully serve Churches and Christian organizations to help them grow in spiritual depth and effective evangelistic outreach. In his free time Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and children, reading, and fishing.

This is exactly what our church needs! We have done other programs in our church, and while they were good, the key is to actually get people to have confidence to move outside their comfort zones and have spiritual conversations.

I love what Engage 360 is doing as it seeks to partner with and help local churches accomplish God’s mission to make disciples.

Pastor Sam McKeen

Center Barnstead Christian Church

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