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We live in a world where it seems that engaging in evangelism and sharing our faith is getting harder and harder. There is steadily increasing secularism, growing religious diversity, and the rise of the “nones,”  in younger generations to name just a few.  Couple this with a decrease in Christians holding a Biblical worldview and the Church has a big challenge ahead.

We understand the challenge. We embrace it and encourage you to do the same. Engage 360 Ministries (E360), while new in its formation (spring 2018), is ancient in its foundation. E360 seeks to employ the model, ideas, and cultural concepts used throughout the early church, whether it be by the Apostle Paul on Mars Hill or by early believers in the marketplaces, the synagogues, on the roads, and even in prison. We train Christians to engage the culture in their context.


E360’s more recent roots trace back 10 years to movements started at Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES).

The first was the creation of T.E.A.M.—a missions outreach designed to unite students, alumni, and professors to serve churches by providing free or low cost training in evangelism, theology, and answering hard questions people were asking.

The second movement was led by Greg Walker, an E360’s founding team member. “Evangelism Saturdays” were an intentional time for students to meet at local bookstores seeking evangelistic conversations. Students began inviting church members from within their own congregations to join in this outreach in order to model the evangelism strategies that were found to be effective.

This model has been repeated over and over by members of our team doing outreach in Charlotte, NC; The University of California, Berkeley; New Orleans, LA; Rome, Italy; and many other locations.




What became clear in this process was that in order to be effective in engaging the culture, you have to know what you believe, why you believe it, and see effective conversations modeled. This grows your confidence and deepens your faith. We want to deliver this same modeled evangelism training to churches and cities throughout the US and the world.

Many of us in E360 have had our lives changed by this outreach and desire to see fellow Christians engaging the world effectively. From this desire, Engage 360 was born. We are an experienced, multi-disciplinary team committed to helping churches fulfill the Great Commission. We have taken our training and ministry experience to develop what has become Engage 360. We desire to see every disciple trained and the world engaged. We exist to help Christians know their faith, share their faith, and grow in their faith. Are you interested in joining us on this journey?

Let us help you on your journey

We can customize training the needs and availability of your church.  The first step is to set up a conversation to see how we can best serve you.

Engage Your Church

We offer interactive, hands on training for churches culminating in putting the evangelism training into practice by taking trainees out into the local community for live conversations.

Engage Your City

We desire to see Christians united and mobilized to reach their city with the truth of the Gospel. Our geographically based online communities offer evangelism training, resources, and a forum to organize regular outreach.

Engage Your University

We are creating multi-day university evangelism events that include sidewalk conversations, formal talks, and coordinated follow-up plans for churches and campus ministries.

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