Our Team

Matt Schmidt, CEO
Engage 360 Ministries

Matt is the CEO and a founder of Engage 360 Ministries. Matt was raised in Nebraska where he also did undergraduate studies. After a three-year process of wrestling through questions dealing with the existence of God, trustworthiness of the Bible, and what Christianity taught; he came to faith in Christ. This process has given him a passion to help others know their faith and to share their faith effectively.

Matt and his wife Erica decided to move to Charlotte, NC to pursue a Masters in Philosophy at Southern Evangelical Seminary, which he completed in the Spring of 2018. Matt and Erica have 5 children. Erica is a trained educator, and they are homeschooling their children using a classical education model.

Matt was drawn to the need for Christians to be able to both share and defend their faith. However, he became convicted that the fruit from efforts of very talented men and women dedicated to speaking, teaching, writing, and creating materials to help Christians share and defend the faith has not measured up to the quality of their gifts and what they have produced.

After serving with Ratio Christi (a campus ministry) for seven years at a private university in Charlotte and as a leader on the Ratio Christi National team, Matt teamed up with others to create Engage 360 (E360 for short). The E360 team seeks to help bridge the gap between everyday Christians and those in the communities around them. Matt has a passion to create a team that can faithfully serve Churches and Christian organizations to help them grow in spiritual depth and effective evangelistic outreach. In his free time Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and children, reading, and fishing.

Joshua Erlien
Director of Church Engagement

Joshua Erlien is a teacher, writer, community apologist, and a homeschool dad. He has served as the director for the UNC Charlotte Ratio Christi chapter since 2011. His experience with college students has clarified and focused his perspective on outreach and discipleship.

Joshua has worked with TEAM at Southern Evangelical Seminary speaking in a lecture tour in Italy, and conferences and panel Q & A forums locally. As a Community Apologist, Joshua speaks to churches, community groups, and families on apologetics issues with a focus on commending Jesus Christ through winsome conversation.

Joshua and his wife, Nita, have four children and reside in Charlotte. They are passionate about helping families and students thrive by passing on the faith to the next generation in an intellectually credible and compelling way.

David Sorrell
Information Systems Director

David’s E360 tasks are to manage all of the back-end IT systems which implement the online course engine, the membership platform, the e-commerce system and other back-office IT tools, all part of keeping the organization functioning.

David is the newest staff member of Engage 360 Ministries (E360). He is a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary and hails from Poplar Bluff, Missouri where he helps his mom run her small cattle farm. He had already been involved in the work of E360 as a volunteer for some time while transitioning into full-time service with the ministry.

Ibrahim Inuwa
Media Director, Audio Production

Ibrahim Inuwa’s passion for discipleship and evangelism led him to join the team of Engage 360, in the summer of 2018, as a founding member and Co-Director of Media.

At Wheaton College, Ibrahim became acquainted with film editing, audio production, and radio broadcasting while completing his undergraduate Communications studies.

For several years, Ibrahim consumed web-based audio broadcasts and came to appreciate their utility at reaching extensive and culturally-diverse audiences. He has since developed his audio engineering aptitude, with the objective of contributing to collaborative ministry projects. One of which is a podcast for Engage 360. His personal mission is to help inform, equip, and to urge Christians to become fully engaged followers of Christ.

Ibrahim has been an Associate Minister, Interim Pastor, and has spoken at numerous venues (i.e., Southern Evangelical Seminary’s TEAM Ministry, along with the National Conference on Christian Apologetics).

Ibrahim earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with minor emphasis in Biblical & Theological Studies, at Wheaton College. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Ibrahim and his wife Kim are passionate about reaching the next generation, for Christ and His Kingdom.

Ed Bowen
Regional Director

Edwin is currently raising support to become a reginal director with Engage 360 Ministries. Edwin grew up with a church background but didn’t understand the story of Christ and his atoning sacrifice until his encounter with solid teachers on Christian radio. He was attracted to the teaching on The Bible Answer Man broadcast and soon began exploring books on the topics of Christianity and the evidence for its truth claims. After a journey through a half dozen books, Edwin began to understand that the Bible and all that it teaches was certainly true and he decided to pursue M.A. in Christian Apologetics through Biola University.  

Edwin believes that knowing what you believe and why you believe it leads to a more confident and passionate living out of one’s faith. There is a course for the life of the Christian that must be understood to walk that path. Teaching others to see, understand and pursue that path has been a long-time passion for Edwin. 

After completing his degree in 2008 Edwin has been a well-received guest speaker for Faith Ascent Ministries in St. Louis for the first 5 years of its inception.  He founded and served as the director of the first Reasonable Faith Chapter in St. Louis and spent some time on with Ratio Christi serving as a campus director on Washington University Campus.  

Edwin has two grown children, one married and one special needs child who splits time with himself and the child’s mother. Edwin is engaged to a wonderfully sweet lady and plans on tying the knot later this year.  

Edwin has been drawn to E360 because it seeks to serve the church in its primary role of discipling the church which includes equipping her to do the work of making disciples of the whole world. Edwin recalls Jesus’ words in Matt 9:37-38, “…The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  

Edwin believes that Engage 360 ministry is answering this call to send out more workers. He believes that teaching individuals the solid basics to their faith and encouraging them on how to use their own gifts from God to guide their conversations with family, friends and co-workers will lead to a harvest that we cannot yet imagine.

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TN Norden
Project Manager

TN is seeking to use his gifts in Project Management to help the Engage 360 team accomplish their mission.  He has been involved in the local church serving in Evangelism, Prayer, Missions and Teaching.  TN retired from a career in IT in 2022, and is married to his wonderful wife Janet.  They  have two adult children that are married, and they reside in Alabama. 

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Kim Balsamo, Empower Support Solutions

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Dara Ferris, ACTS Solutions
Grant Writer/Fundraising

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Jessica Steele, Designs and Dogs
Graphic Designer

Jessica Steele is a graphic designer and owner of Designs and Dogs, LLC. She lives in Lancaster, South Carolina with her husband, Bliss, their son and six dogs.

Jessica has more than 15 years experience with branding and graphic design as an in-house designer having worked in the telecommunications and nutraceutical industries. In 2021, Jessica left the corporate world to start Designs and Dogs with a passion to serve the Lord specializing in design for churches and non-profit ministry. In addition to her design work, she and her husband operate a dog training business and ministry, Disciple Dogs, sharing the gospel through the unique use of Retrievers.


Board Members


Sam McKeen

Sam McKeen

Sam serves as the Senior Pastor of Cambridge Baptist Church in Cambridge, Maine, where for the last nine years he has led the church through the process of revitalization.

Sam has a passion for local churches to effectively live out their God-given mission. This passion was fueled by his formative years and his family’s involvement in small rural churches in central Maine.

In addition to being a Pastor, Sam has had different roles in various ministries and non-profits including serving on the state board of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maine and chairing the committee of the local CEF chapter.

Sam enjoys learning and is always reading books, blogs or listening to podcasts. Sam also enjoys spending time going on adventures with his wife and four children, especially if it involves waterfalls and mountains.

Hank Chou

Hank Chou

Hank works as a Product Manager in the Information Technology industry, where he strives to apply the servant-leadership mindset. Hank lives in Charlotte with his wife of 17 years and their 3 daughters.

Hank was an atheist for the majority of his life. While preparing to become a first-time parent, Hank came across the book “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” by Dr. Meg Meeker as a resource. While reading the book, Hank struggled with one particular parenting secret entitled “Teach Her Who God Is.” Hank decided to start an open-minded, fact-finding journey of studying what people say about God (or the non-existence of God) across various religions. Using apologetics (as the Lord would have His way), Hank the lost sheep became “found” 18 months into this journey.

Bob Meisel, Engage 360 COO

Bob Meisel

Bob is the former Chief Operating Office for Engage 360 Ministries. After graduating from high school, he entered New Tribes Bible Institute, where in addition to studying God’s Word he met Becky. They married after graduation and immediately entered into missionary training with New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360). In 1979 they left for the Philippines with their young son and spent the next 24 years serving there as cross-cultural missionaries, first in tribal church planting and then in leadership and administration. Two more sons were born during their time in the Philippines.

In 2003, God changed their ministry direction and Bob accepted a position as Associate Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Hemet, CA, where he served for 13 years. It was a joy and honor to serve the Church Body that commissioned and sent them out as missionaries. Sensing another ministry change, Bob & Becky moved to Charlotte, NC. Their 3 sons and their wives have given them 8 grandchildren, and they love spending time together with them.

After 3 years with Engage 360 Ministries In 2020, God led Bob to a position with a large Charlotte church (Carmel Baptist Church) as Missional Outreach Pastor. Bob continues his contribution with us through his position on our board of directors.

Bob holds a BA in Intercultural Ministries. His passion is to selflessly serve Jesus by serving the needs of others, encouraging believers to become fully devoted followers of Christ in every aspect of life.

Bob Meisel, Engage 360 COO
Bruce Lundeen
Bruce Lundeen is the CFO for United World Mission (UWM) based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He joined UWM in 2018, after working 35 years in the insurance and reinsurance industries. He was trained as an actuary, and had various leadership roles during his career, most recently being the Chief Pricing Actuary in the Americas for the largest life reinsurer. During his career Bruce had the opportunity to work in many international markets, as he lived in Asia for 12 years and also had responsibilities for Latin America for many years. Bruce has been a deacon, and is Treasurer now, in his local church over the past 10 years. He is also a past Chairman of a US church’s national Pension Board. Bruce lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife of 35 years. He has three adult children, all who live in North Carolina.
Bob Meisel, Engage 360 COO

Mark McGee
Communications Consultant

Mark McGee has worked in journalism and communications since 1968. His experience includes radio, television, print and online journalism as an investigative reporter, news correspondent, anchor, executive producer, and news director, and as a communications director and consultant. Mark is the author of three paperback books and more than 200 Ebooks. Most topics are about evangelism, discipleship, and apologetics.

Mark was an atheist until he investigated theism and Christianity in 1971 from scientific, philosophical and historical evidence. He has worked with many churches and evangelistic and apologetics ministries since then including the Christian Apologetics Alliance and Ratio Christi. Mark currently works in student ministry at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). He trained in Bible and Theology at Luther Rice University and Apologetics at Biola University.

Mark has been active in martial arts and self-defense training since 1961 and has been teaching from a Christian perspective since 1971. He continues to teach public and private classes in the Huntsville, Alabama area and serves as Co-Founder of Grace Martial Arts with ministries in Florida and Alabama. Mark has been involved with Karate for Christ International since 1972.

Bob Meisel, Engage 360 COO
Greg Walker
Evangelism Consultant
Greg Walker is an Evangelism Consultant for Engage 360 Ministries. He was raised in Southern Illinois, and after high school enlisted to serve in the United States Army as an Army Airborne Ranger (1/75th). After combat deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq, Greg struggled with the effects of war. This led to him to temporarily move to Barcelona, Spain where he refined his artistic abilities. Once back in the U.S., he started showing his art in Laguna Beach, CA and Charlotte, NC.

Through the hopelessness of a life without Christ, Greg eventually encountered a fellow former Army Ranger who shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. Greg responded by placing his faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation!

Since his conversion Greg has been the assistant director of Global Cross Ministries, an associate pastor, a campus minister at Appalachian State University, a keynote speaker, and an evangelist.

Greg holds a BA in Religious Studies, MA in Religion, and is currently completing an MDiv in Apologetics, all from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Greg has cross-cultural missions and speaking experience in China, Honduras, Thailand, and throughout the U.S. He loves to learn from and to share Jesus with people from diverse cultural perspectives. Greg’s primary mission and passion is to lead, teach and train in the area of evangelism. Greg equips Christians to teach and train other Christians on how to be more effective at biblical evangelism.

Greg and his wife Lindsey have four children.

Photo of Ken Wienecke

Ken Wienecke

Retired since April 2023, Ken began his role as the Engage 360 Director of Information Technology in May 2019. In January 2022, his role changed from supporting IT to the newly-created role of Development Director, the goal of which was to recruit the sustainable funding required for Engage 360 Ministries to operationally scale to meet the opportunities God is delivering to us.

Ken and his wife Katy live in Monroe, North Carolina. They have two adult children, Charissa and Christopher, and one grandson William (five years old, son of Christopher). Ken is a news addict who also enjoys classical music, traveling, choral singing, programming and promoting Christian missions. Contact Ken at ken.wienecke@e360m.org.

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