Reaching Charlotte is an Engage 360 initiative designed to encourage, train, and mobilize Charlotte area churches and individual Christians to intentionally and effectively share their faith in everyday life.

Interactive Training

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Modeled Outreach

  • Opportunities to start and guide spiritual conversations
  • See effective conversations modeled by experienced trainers
  • Connect seekers and new converts with local churches for discipleship

A Different Approach to Evangelism


I used to be afraid to try and share my faith with others.  Once I went out with the E360 team, I realized that it was just a matter of having a conversation.  I have learned how to answer or where to find answers to the questions people ask and now have the confidence to treat each day like a mission!

- E360 Trainee

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Reach Us

P. O. Box 77723
Charlotte, NC 28271

(704) 565-9261

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