Responding to the Gospel: Faith and Repentance

Once you share or hear the gospel, there should be a call to action. A biblical response to the Gospel involves faith and repentance. But what is the definition of faith? What is the definition of repentance? How do they relate? Further, what does it mean to have a simple child-like faith? Does salvation involve a series of steps that we do one at a time? All of these are questions that we should consider before we do evangelism, taking time to share our faith.

We must be careful to explain what we mean when we use words like faith and repentance. If we are not careful we can leave those we are trying to reach more confused than when we started. The challenge is that those in the church are so used to hearing these words that we can easily assume everyone knows what they mean. We see this as a problem of using “Christianese” and it is a problem we must overcome.

In this episode of Engage Your World we discuss how to help people understand a proper response to the Gospel, the importance of giving everyone a clear “call to action”, and what happens for those that believe.


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