In this episode on university evangelism in Maine, Matt Schmidt (E360 CEO) and Jordan Apodaca (E360 Content Director) have a discussion with Travis Pelletier, who is a campus minister at the University of Maine. Travis serves with Ratio Christi (Latin for Reason for Christ), which seeks to bring a thoughtful Christianity to the University, helping students to understand the reasons that Christianity is true.

They discuss:
– The need for evangelism at the university in general and the New England area in particular.
– E360’s approach to training Christians in evangelism and the value of role playing different conversations and scenarios.
– A recent E360 training that happened in Orono, Maine at the end of May
РAn Engage U event happening at the University of Maine September 11-14.

To apply to go with the E360 team to Maine in September or make a donation to help support the evangelism event, click

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