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Multi-Day Events With

Exponential Impact

The goal of an Engage U event is to create long-term impact
by uniting and equipping churches and campus ministries to effectively reach
both seekers and skeptics at their University.


Much of our team has extensive University ministry experience so we are uniquely familiar with the general needs of University students and also recognize that each campus has its own unique DNA.


Several months prior to the event, we will begin training local churches, campus ministries, and volunteers to help us launch a multi-day university evangelism event with strategic contact follow-up.


The event will be an incredible opportunity to watch and participate in spiritual conversations. We will bring a team of people experienced in talking about their faith, dealing with common objections, and clearly sharing the gospel.


The event will be exciting but the real value is in the follow up. Churches and ministries will have potentially hundreds of new contacts interested in learning more about the truth of Christianity.

The Catalyst To Ignite Evangelistic Outreach on Your Campus


The University is the birthplace of ideas that will affect our country for many years. We must have an effective way for churches, campus ministries, and individual Christian students to engage the lost and promote Christian ideas.

- Travis Pelletier, Campus Minister at University of Maine, Orono

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