What is the Gospel Message?

In episode 6 of Engage Your World, we discuss the question, “What is the Gospel Message?” In the previous episode, we focused on the context of the Gospel and asking “Why do we need the Gospel?”

Unfortunately, we often over-complicate the simple Gospel and add a lot of terminology that can leave our hearer confused. The Engage 360 team believes that the first step to successfully sharing your faith is to clear away the clutter. We must know how to give the simple Gospel message. Once we are clear on the simple Gospel, we can learn how to better present it to different people and in different contexts.

What is interesting, is that the core Gospel message involves layers of evidence.

  1. The death and resurrection of the Christ was prophesied in Old Testament scripture.
  2. The burial is evidence Jesus truly died.
  3. The appearances are proof that Jesus rose from the dead.

Our faith is not based on wishful thinking, it is based on a series of very public events.

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