Why do we need the Gospel?

Before a person can understand the good news, they have to first understand the bad news. This includes an answer to the question, “Why do we need the Gospel?” This question is the focus of episode 5 of the Engage Your World Evangelism Podcast. Greg, Jordan, and Matt will discuss the context of the Gospel. Understanding this context is a key element to effectively sharing your faith.

Not only do we need to understand the context, we need to effectively communicate that context to others. Imagine talking to someone who only speaks English. You give a masterful evangelistic presentation in fluent Italian and wait in anticipation. However, only silence follows. There is no response from your hearer because they do not understand the words that you used. In the same way, using English words such as sin, the fall, repent, justification, propitiation, and more can lead to confusion if not explained properly. We need to do more than use church language.

We need to ensure that our hearer actually understands the words we are using. If we do that, they will be much more likely to understand the truth of the message. In this episode we will give some helpful tips of what to avoid and what to focus on when setting up the context of the Gospel.


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