You Want Me to Share My Faith?

I’ve spent my entire adult life preparing to share my faith. I have served in ministry roles and positions both foreign and domestic. You might think that with that kind of training and experience, sharing the Gospel would be natural or second nature. The truth is, each time I have an opportunity I face the same apprehensions and questions that most people do:

  • “What if they ask a question I won’t be able to answer?”
  • “What if they get angry with me?”
  • “What if….”

You can fill in the blank from your own personal experiences!

Do I Share My Faith?

Most of us recognize that even though all Christians should be engaging in spiritual conversations, the reality is different.

  • Statistically the majority of Christians (64%) would say I should share my faith.”
  • Realistically only about 19% actually do so on any kind of a regular basis.

And many Christians have never even attempted to have that conversation at all. The reasons for this are varied. Some are fearful of potential confrontation or rejection. Others feel unprepared and unqualified to walk into an open-ended conversation. And some just honestly don’t feel it is their responsibility to do so. Plus, there is a spiritual dimension at work here as well to keep us discouraged and disheartened from sharing our faith.

Opportunities to Share My Faith

Every day each of us have conversations which have the potential to become natural spiritual conversations. Why is it that many Christians can talk in great detail and passion about sports teams and league statistics, or current social trends and the latest TV series, yet feel incapable of even entering into any kind of spiritual conversation with another person? Let’s be totally honest here – in part it’s because most Christians are more interested in sports. We give more attention and time to these things than to the Gospel or spiritual things. But we also believe that for the vast majority of people, it is because no one has ever taken the initiative or time to explain and show them how to have a natural, spiritual conversation.

At Engage 360 we not only understand these realities but have personally worked through them. We would love to help you as well. We can bring clarity and understanding to this conversation, and remove the misconceptions we’ve been led to believe. Then, we can replace them with simple and effective techniques that will help anyone learn how to have spiritual conversations in everyday life. And we don’t just talk about it. We model these conversations for you in your contexts and settings, providing you with the opportunity to safely engage with others in real conversations. We want to walk with you on this journey of learning how to naturally engage others in spiritual conversations.

How We Want to Help

And more than anything else, we want you to fall in love with Jesus! Because as we become consumed by His love, we will begin to long for others to come to know Him as well. Matthew 13:44-46 talks about someone finding a hidden treasure and a valuable pearl, then going and doing whatever was necessary to obtain them. Perhaps we need a renewed passion and love for the amazing Gospel message that has been given and entrusted to us.

If you’re yearning for more and ready to take those first steps, we are prepared to help you. Check out our evangelism resources, as well as our church training events. Please contact us to let us know how we can serve you.

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